Through our relationships with several vendors and donors, we can offer these items for your charity auction or fundraiser to jump-start or supplement your auction procurement.
While we always recommend you get your items fully-donated, it's not always possible to get the best items this way. To learn more about the strategies behind consignment items, please read "The Case for Consignments".
Exploring the site
The purpose of this site is to provide you with an idea of the types of items we can get for your fundraising event. While all the items that are shown on this site are available, our inventory of trips, memorabilia items, collectibles, art, and services changes continually. Also, rather than just show you a generic collection of items and expect you to decide what will work best for your event, part of the service we offer to our charity clients is that we will consult with you to ensure the items you select are ideally suited to your specific audience, based on several factors.
If we don't think an item will work for your event or sell for expected value, we'll tell you up front! After all, you not only want items that sell, but you want items that sell well, often multiple times, to maximize the revenue for your cause!
How We're Different
You may have seen or heard of other companies that offer to help you with your auction procurement process. But, by the end of the event, by the time you've paid for their items and services, you find you end up with only 30, 20, or even 10% of the "revenue" you thought you'd made! You'll find in working with us, we'll only offer you items where we (and you!) can be very sure that the maximum return is to your charity, not to the auction company or its vendors! And, unlike some of our competitors, we're always happy to provide you with references!
Other companies and agents sometimes require you to make a payment payable to them, specifically, not to the supplier or vendor who is ultimately providing the trip or item. There are potential problems with this scenario including the risks that:
  • The item you included in your auction actually had a much lower cost than what had been represented to you by the intermediary at the time you accepted the placement.
  • You have no idea that the trip or item came from a reputable source that will stand behind the placement should there be any problem with an item or redemption of a trip or experience.
  • In the worst case, the “agent” placing your trip may accept the money from your organization, but never pass it on to the trip or item supplier. If that “agent” or organization goes out of business, or disappears, you will have a host of unhappy winners who have paid for their auction items, with no way to fulfill their purchase.
We always have you make the payment for items or trips we represent payable directly to the vendor or supplier. That's the best way to avoid any potential problems, and keeps you informed of who is actually providing the trip to you, your charity, and your winners so you're never in the dark about what you paid for, to whom, and how much it really cost or was really worth.

7d/6N Trip for 2 on American Air to Rome w/ Sistine/Vatican Tours!

How to reserve items before calling
To enter our site, you will first create a User Name (last name) and password for yourself. Then, you can browse the items to your heart's delight!
As you take a look at the items, note that we show you the value for the selection -- this is the Fair Market Value of this item -- not the cost of consigning it. From experience we know that these items also typically sell near or even over this value range, so we are confident in the amount of money the item should raise for you at your event.
As you find items that interest you for your event, feel free to add them to your Wish List. If you have any questions, if you need more information on a particular item, or you are ready to reserve items for your event, contact Corinne Fiske via email at We'll then work with you to help you reserve those items that will help you take your event to the next level!

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